Living Things

Humans, plants and animals have many similarities and differences. Find out what they are in this section.

Food Chains

Where are you in the food chain? Find out if you're a predator or prey.

Health and Growth

Staying healthy can be exhausting! You need water, food, rest and exercise.

Helping Plants Grow

Helping plants grow is harder than it looks. See what they need to stay alive.

Keeping Healthy

Are you keeping healthy? How fast is your heart beating?

Life Cycles

Do you know a stamen from a sepal? Find out more about a flower's life cycle.


Which microorganisms are useful and which are harmful?

Moving and Growing

Find out how you move and grow.

Plants and Animals

See which environments plants and creatures inhabit.

Teeth and Eating

Find out why your teeth are so different to a lions. It's all about what you eat.


Do you know which groups living things belong to?