January 2016

January 2016 Newsletter

WRITE A BOOK: All our budding authors from infants to 6th class are busy working on their Write-a-Book.  The books are first written, then edited and illustrated and will be submitted on Thursday 11th February.

TABLE QUIZ:The annual table quiz will take place in Doyle’s on Thursday 4th February at 8.30pm. This night is a much needed fundraiser for the school so please put this date in your diary. We are asking parents to create teams or just come along on the night.   If you are unable to attend you can still make a contribution to the school.

DANCE:Parents who are paying by the term should forward €10 to cover the dancing to Easter.

EARLY TO BED: It is important that your daughter gets the proper amount of sleep for her age and comes to school ready to learn.  So please get to bed on time!!

The school needs to have a contact number if your child gets sick or for our texting contact etc.  If you have changed you number please contact the school

MOBILE PHONES:These are not allowed in school as a general rule.  If your child needs her phone for a particular reason please send in a letter to the class teacher.  The phone must be handed to the teacher in the morning otherwise it will be confiscated until collected by a parent /guardian.

TIPS ON CYBERBULLYING All primary school children should be supervised on the internet.

Remind your child to:

* Be careful online and remember that words have power

* Think about what you write or photos you add

* Ask yourself, could these words be picked up the wrong way or cause upset? Is this photo suitable for lots of people to see?

* If you post something online and comments or chat becomes cruel, remove your posts so you are not part of a negative situation.

If your receive abuse on line:

* Tell someone, Talk to a parent, teacher, friend or someone you can trust.

* If you are receiving abusive texts, give your phone to an adult to monitor for an evening or even over a weekend.

* Keep your details private and block people.  Get a new phone sim and make your new number private.

* Don’t reply to abusive emails or texts.  Giving a response may make the situation worse.

* Report it.  If you are being bullied online, the service provider or network can give you information about what to do.  Look for Help centre or Report Abuse There will be advice about what you can do and how to report to the network provider.

There is more help /information available on the Barnardos website.

SCHOOL LUNCHES: School lunches are not delivered to the school on days school finishes 12.50pm. If your daughter needs something for the little break please put a small snack in her school bag. The school has been selected to partake in the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme.  This will include the girls from Jnr Inf to 2nd class getting to taste different fruit and vegetables which will be supplied to the school for 16 days and the senior classes will partake in an 8 day tasting.  This is due to commence the week 8th of February.

NO UNIFORM DAY: On Wednesday 17th February the school are having a No Uniform day in aid of Childline.  Each child is asked to bring in €2.


Mid Term break: 18th February to 19th February

Service of Reconciliation: Tuesday 8th March at 7.30pm

St Patrick’s/ Easter: 17th March to 1st April inclusive

Service of Light: Tuesday 12th April at 7.30pm

Confirmation: Friday 22nd April

May Bank Holiday: 29th April, 2nd of May and 3rd May

First Holy Communion: Sunday 8th May

June Bank Holiday: 3rd, 6th and 7th June

Summer Holidays: School closes on 30th June at 12pm