Science Open Day

Making posters for our Science Day.

Science Open Day

Every year we have a Science Open Day. Each class chooses a number of things they learned about in Science during the year and displays this learning proudly. All the parents, grandparents and other relations are invited to attend the Science Open Day.

The girls work really hard to prepare for this special day making posters for each activity station and laying out all necessary equipment. Then a group of girls man each station in their classroom and explain what's going on there to all the people that visit their station. It's always a really fun day. The teachers stand around taking it all in, while the children teach!

Our 2015 Science Day was held on Thursday the 11th of June. As always it was so much fun. The theme in the Infant classroom was 'Bubbles' and they were showing everyone how to make gigantic bubbles with a hula hoop and bubble mix in paddling pools. 1st and 2nd class explored 'Living Things' and 'Materials'. They tested lots of materials to find out which ones were absorbent and which were waterproof. They pushed cars down a ramp onto different materials to see which material the car would travel furthest on. They also planted seeds for their visitors and brought them on mini beast hunts around our school yard! In 3rd and 4th class the girls were very busy showing everyone how to make clucking cups and lava lamps, and making a homemade clay volcano erupt. 5th and 6th class had tonnes of experiments to show their visitors. They  demonstrated how it is essential to your balance to have your centre of gravity over your feet, measured everyones lung capacity, took peoples' fingerprints and wowed everyone with some optical illusions. A fun day was definitely had by all!

Special thanks to the parents who came to the school to join in with the madness!