Nanny Ann And Grandad Pat And Uncle


Grandad Pat lived in Coolbeg.  It was 2 miles away from Rathnew.  It was where the Beehive is.  Grandad Pat had 5 brothers and 7 sisters.  Grandad Pat had to do chores after school like get water from the well and chop wood for the fire.  If Grandad Pat was bold in school he would get hit with a ruler. Grandad Pats family had no car and no television when he was very young but when he was 8-9 he had a black and white television.  Grandad Pat had no teddy because he had very little money. Grandad Pats favourite treat was an apple dum tum.  Grandad Pats favourite band was the Beatles.  Nanny Ann lived in The Bank.  Nanny Ann had 4 sisters and 7 brothers.  Nanny Anns favourite treat was broken biscuits.  Nanny Ann had to walk to school.  Nanny Ann did fun activities in school like Irish dancing, knitting, and sewing.  Nanny Ann went to St. Josephs G.N.S.  Uncle Paudie got hit in school for being late and for going into a field at night.  Uncle Paudie used crayons to write and colour.

By Millie and Saoirse