Welcome to the 1st and 2nd Class Page!

Our Teacher is Ms. Sumner

We do lots of reading and writing in school. We are in reading groups, and we read in our group with our teacher Ms. Sumner. We do lots of paired reading too. We also enjoy listening to stories. This year we have been really enjoying a series of books called 'Captain Underpants'. We have six of them!

Is breá linn Gaeilge!  Agus is feidir linn a lán Gaeilge a labhairt.  Labhraimid a lán Gaeilge le Mamó agus déanaimid Bua Na Cainte 1 gach lá.

Dia duit.
Dia is Muire duit.

Conas atá tú?
Tá mé go maith.

We do lots of maths work in school.  We have a class clock and a class calendar.  Every day we make times on the clock and change the date and weather on our calendar. We count with the help of our hundred square every day too.  So far we can count in 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s all the way to 100.  We practise our tables every day too.

We particularly enjoy working with materials and solving problems. Once a week we do station teaching with our teacher Ms. Sumner and the Learning Support teacher Ms. Duggan.

Recently we have been learning lots about Time. We made our very own clocks.

We love History, Geography and Science in our class.

In History most recently we have been learning about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.

In Science most recently we have been talking about sound and exploring our sense of hearing.

In Geography we have been learning lots about Space.

Visual Arts
We are really creative in our class so we love art!  Every week we have an art lesson. Most recently we made our own clocks because we were learning about Time in Numeracy.

We love Alive O time. It's so relaxing. We are getting really good at our songs, meditative prayers, and mass responses.  2nd class will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on the 8th of March.