Welcome to the 3rd and 4th Class!

Our teacher’s name is Ms. O' Kelly.

We love to read and we read our library books every day for 15 minutes!

We also love to write stories and reports! We often use the laptops to write our stories! This is great fun! Then we read them on the interactive whiteboard!

We are brilliant at our multiplication and division tables! We practise them everyday and play games like buzz, shoot the sheriff and around the world!

We are learning to round numbers and we round to help us estimate the answers to addition and subtraction sums!

We have learnt lots about the Vikings and we are now learning about the saints and scholars in Ireland long ago! We have drawn pictures of the Ardagh chalice and the Tara brooch! We found out that children found these important irish treasures!

We love to do experiments! We used balloons to learn about static energy! We rubbed the balloons on our heads and used the static energy to pick up pieces of paper!

We also found out how nappies work! We took one apart and put the inside into water! They use gel to absorbs the water! It felt disgusting !!

We are brilliant artists! We love to draw and paint!! We recently looked at a piece of art by Pablo Picasso and we drew our own picture based on his style. We then used oil pastels to colour the pictures!