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5th and 6th Class
Hello! Welcome to the blog of the 5th and 6th Class! We're heading for the top! Read all about it!

We had a great time  finishing off our clay valentine creations!

Today is Friday. The last day before our week off school. It is so exciting.

 It is also Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s day everybody !

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Mid-term break

    On Friday we are getting our mid-term break. We are so excited.

6th class are making their Conformation on the 7th of April at St Josephs Church. They can’t wait.

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Our school debating team have reached the semi finals of primary Debating Ireland in our region.

It will take place after the mid term break. The topic is "Social Networking sites do mor good than bad."

We also took part in the Primary Science Fair inthe RDS. Our question was " What is the dominant side of the body of the children  in our school ?"

We won a trophy at it too!

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We are on our midterm break last. Can't wait.

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We finished our Write a Books and sent them all off. We thought they were better than ever this year. Every book was different and quite individual.

We also continued with our rugby coaching and learned how to run and pass the ball. The weather was very cold but we didn't care as we were having such a good time.

The Confirmation will be in Rathnew this year for the children from St.Ernan's and St. Joseph's. We are delighted as we will have more jobs to do and we feel more confident about getting up in front of our own community.

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The design for the new school has been chosen but unfortunately 5th and 6th class will not attend it. But we will try to get to the opening day!

We are also taking part in a survey called PRIME C and if we complete it we could win a 200 EURO SHOPPING VOUCHER!

We are nearly done our write-a-book and it's so much fun!

Thank you for reading our blog.

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On a Friday we do singing  with Amy.Amy is our singing teacher. She teaches us songs and how to read music.We have learned a few different songs.

On Tuesday the 15th a woman called Kate came in to our school .She did a drama workshop with us. She also went over different  types  of bullying with us .Shee told us about verbal bullying and physical bullying.She also played games and did drama with us. We really enjoyed it.

On Saturday the 26th 6th class are going to do their entrance exams in Colaiste Cill Mhantain. They are working hard revising all they have learned.

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This new year we have started rugby. We learned how to catch the ball.You cup your arms in the shape of a bowl and your elbows elbow to elbow.  We also played different games to help us get used to the rugby ball. It's brilliant!

As we have moved into  midJanuary the snow has started to fall . The roads are icy and slippery but that doesn't bother us though .

We have started our Wite-a-Book. there are all different types of ways to write your write-a-book. Some girls are writing their's by hand. Some others are typing their's . Some girls are are writing a biography of Katie Taylor. Other are writing fiction stories.

We are also preparing for Signs of spring in February. The signs include frogspawn, ash buds ,primroses, horse chestnut leaves and   swallows. We are also going to measure the rainfall and wind speed.

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On Wednesday it was cow day (cycle on Wednesday) When we arrived at the GAA pitch at 9.00 we saw lots and lots of guards.We also saw a rich variety of different aged children from Juniors to sixth class all cycling their bikes.When we started to move Miss Kelly arrived with her camera. It was more like a photo shoot than a school C.O.W day! Our faces were sore from smiling the whole time.The squad car led the way and we followed happily. Garda O'Sullivan cycled along side us .He also stopped all traffic at a dangerous junction and we cycled through like celebrities.Another guard did point duty near the school .She also put up signs "Garda Check Point" and "Caution".

When we finally arrived at the school we parked our bikes against the school garden wall  and chatted in the sunshine. I never saw so many bikes in my life! Unfortunately all good things come to an end. THE BELL RANG!!! AND WE HAD TO GO INTO SCHOOL!!!

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Yesterday we went to the Irish National Sailing School (INSS) in Dun Laoighaire for our school tour. We had to change into wetsuits and life jackets. We then dragged our  boats  to the slipway,rigged them and split up into groups. There were 3-4 people in each boat. Some girls had to steer the boat and others had to keep the sail under control. After sailing around for a while we attached all our boats together along with the speed boat and went around the pier to see the seals who were swimming around happily. Some of our boats toppled over and the girls had to scramble on to  their friend's boats. When we got out of the water we played a game with the paddles. Finaly we dried off , got dressed and headed to the peoples park where we ate our lunch and played in the playground. We had a great day and most of the girls said it was the best school tour ever.

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This week the olympic torch visited our school .Each one of us got to hold it. We were so lucky.

Unfortunately after this great opportunity we had to return to school work which was the second part of our maths test!! We studied very hard for this.

The following day we found out  where we are going on our school tour.We are going to the Irish National Sailing School in Dun Laoghaire  next week .We are leaving at 9am and will return to the school at 3pm "WE CAN'T WAIT ! ". :)

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Hi, 5th and 6th here. Today the smoothie man named Ben who is from France, visited 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. First he spoke about different types of energy sources such as electricity and fossil fuel. We also learned carpets and plastic are made from oil. Some of the girls had a chance to ride his exercise bike which made a non energy saving light bulb and an energy saving bulb light up. We transformed physicle energy of our bodies into electrical energy . The girls learned that the non energy saving bulb was harder to light up than the energy saving bulb.Did you know that a non energy saving light bulb wastes 4 times as much energy as an energy saving light bulb?. We then made Ben his lunch by attatching the blender to the generator on the bike. He had lovely grated carrots. We also made him coffee. Ben demonstrated some solar powered radios and torches. He threw us a little "party" in the classroom too!! Afterwards, we made smoothies. By mixing orange juice, two bananas, four strawberries and natural organic yogurt, we blended the ingredients by cycling. They tasted great!!! We took lots of pictures (see on 5th and 6th class page).

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This week we got our write a books back.We  read each others books and they all were great.One of the girls took photographs of the books so be expecting them on our website soon . Art class was fantastic on Thursday. We made shiny bead  bracelets and our teacher said we should open a jewellery shop.Today we had no uniform day to raise money for children from Chernobyl .Everybody looked fantabulous.We are looking forward to Monday morning -  NO SCHOOL !

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This week we had some exciting news. 6th made their confirmation in Wicklow town on Tuesday the 24th of April. The following day the girls showed off their style to all of us in school.They looked amazing!!!

 On Friday the 27th the music generation photographer came to our school  and took lots of photos of children playing musical instruments. 4th ,5th and 6th played their recorders while juniors, seniors,first, second  and third played the violins. A group also played percussion instruments and made some really cool noise and poses! Some kids also played drums and keyboard- they looked and sounded like Rockchicks. We look forward to the release of our first album!

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Hi, sixth class here. We made our confirmation yesterday and had a ball. We were confirmed by Mgr. Lloyd. He was really kind. Some of the girls had jobs to do e.g carrying up the banner, bringing up the gifts and reading. After the mass, pictures were taken outside the church with family and friends. After all the pictures had been taken some went out to dinner while others went home for a party. We recieved lots of cards and cant wait to count our MONEY!!! After we had our dinner and opened our cards we headed to the confirmation disco. We had a great time. Today we came into school in our dresses and went around to the other classes to tell them about our day and where we got our dresses. We'd like to thanks Ms. Cahill, our teacher, for helping us prepare for our special day. She said she was very proud of us. Overall, all of the boys and girls had a great time.

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We are back from our Easter holidays.We all spent Easter in different ways. Some went to Spain, some had days out to Dublin or Tipperary and some just stayed at home and played with friends.

We all enjoyed lots of Easter eggs.

Before the holiidays 5th and 6th hid Easter eggs for the juniors and they all enjoyed hunting for them.We also painted easter eggs and they all turned out great.

3rd 4th 5th 6th all sing in  the school choir. We are now practising for a wedding. We all really enjoy singing in the choir.

With confirmation around the corner we are all practising for that as well but we all really love it.

Over all  we had a great easter .

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Hi 5th and 6th back again.We started our Write a book last month.We each write our own unique book and enter it for a competition. One of our students is writing a book about the Titanic. She is reading a massive fact book at the moment.Other girls can't decide on a title. Most of us are half way through writing our books.


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First week back after our lovely Christmas. We are working hard because we missed alot of school due to the snow. We are preparing for our write a book too. Its not all hard work :). We had great fun at break playing tip tip the can.

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