We had a great time  finishing off our clay valentine creations!

Today is Friday. The last day before our week off school. It is so exciting.

 It is also Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s day everybody !

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Mid-term break

    On Friday we are getting our mid-term break. We are so excited.

6th class are making their Conformation on the 7th of April at St Josephs Church. They can’t wait.

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Our school debating team have reached the semi finals of primary Debating Ireland in our region.

It will take place after the mid term break. The topic is "Social Networking sites do mor good than bad."

We also took part in the Primary Science Fair inthe RDS. Our question was " What is the dominant side of the body of the children  in our school ?"

We won a trophy at it too!

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Today, we had an awards ceremony for our Write-a-Book’s. We were very proud to show off our wonderful books. Some of our families were there. Ms. Cahill, the Principal, was there to give each of us our special Write-a-Book certificate. Ms. Bunn handed us all our shiny medals. The names of our creations and the awards received are written below:

A Painting Book by Aislinn (Highly Commended)

My Family by Alannah

Chloe and Ben by Chloe (Highly Commended)

Fruit Bowl by Clara

Postman Cat by Eileen

Butterflies Were Flying by Erin (Highly Commended)

Furby and Max by Georja (Merit Book)

Holly’s Adventure by Holly

Magical Land by Layla

My Family by Sophie

Ciara Rose Plunkett had not yet joined our class when we made our books, so she showed a special collection of “Some of my best work”, and received a certificate and medal for great colouring and neat writing.


Thanks to Ms. Cahill and to all the family members who came. It was a very special afternoon. Each and every book is truly magnificent! Check out the pictures on the class page.

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Teddy Bears Picnic

On Friday we had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic! We learned a poem called ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’ and we listened and danced along to the song ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’. We practised our counting with Compare Bears during Maths time. Then we helped teacher read the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and watched the DVD for the story.

After break, we went outside for a picnic with Ms. O’Shea’s class and some girls from Ms. Sumner’s class joined us too. We brought our favourite yellow picnic blanket but there were too many to even sit on it! We ate our lunch outside, and we even hunted around the school yard to find lollipops! Then Ms. O’Shea read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt for everybody and we were able to join in with our favourite parts:

“We’re going on a bear hunt.

We’re going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared.”

Then we came inside to have some treats and we made toilet roll teddies by cutting out a head, arms and legs from card and sticking it onto toilet rolls. We had a beary good day!

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Rice Krispie Buns

Today we made rice krispie buns. They were so tasty. We discussed and recorded all the materials we would need beforehand: a microwave, bowl, spoons, bun cases and plates. We also talked about the ingredients we would need: chocolate and sprinkles!

We discussed and wrote down the steps we would take to bake our buns.

Here is our simple recipe:

1. Melt the chocolate chunks in the microwave

2. Stir rice krispies into the chocolate

3. Spoon the mixture into bun cases

4. Add sprinkles

We made the buns all by ourselves and teacher helped. The chocolate was hard before we heated it up. The heat in the microwave made the hard chocolate melt into liquid chocolate. We let the chocolate heat up until we could not see any lumps and it was very smooth.


We ate some buns in school and got chocolate ALL over our faces. We took some home too. We are great bakers!

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Today we went for a swimming lesson in the pool in Coral Leisure in Wicklow. We had SO much fun and we can’t wait to go again next week. We practised standing in the water, kicking, dipping our heads underneath and we used the noodles to help us to float and swim. We think we are like fish in the water!

We had great fun on the bus too. Before we left we made up our own verses and actions for the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. Here they are:

The cow on the bus went “moo, moo, moo”...

The dog on the bus went “woof, woof, woof”...

The cat on the bus went “miaow, miaow, miaow”...

The mammies on the bus went “chatter, chatter, chatter”...

The teacher on the bus went “please put on your seatbelt”...

The seatbelts on the bus went “clink, clink, clink”...

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We wrote about a special time in our life in religion. We drew a picture of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and that was for art.


We ate are lunch outside in the lovely sun.


We also heard a story about Gráinne Mhaol. She was a pirate.


And we wrote a story about her we started off by saying Dear diary and pretended we were her for a day in her life. And then we wrote it on the laptop again.


Next week we will make her pirate ship and a model of her from clay .


Write a book Winners = Natasha + kacey and highly commend =Bella Kiva and Ellie.. and out of 4th class Hannah Keita and Hollie. A big well done to all of third and fourth class for the lovely books that they made!


Stacie and Natasha were busy writing the last 4 blogs they have done a great job and are fast typers!!!

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We all looked at cook books and we picked out our favourite recipe. We wrote it out in our best writing on a sheet because we are making it into a cook book and that is our creative writing.

We played fun bingo and loop games for division and that is our maths.

We played (gaeilic) with Edwina again this week and had great fun!


Miss o Kelly brought in a laptop and put it at the back of our class we love to play spelling games on it.

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We learned how to make scrambled egg and then we made it in class and ate it when it was done. We also had toast. We learned how to make tea and that was fun.


We wrote how to make it first on a sheet then on the laptop.

We had fun having a quiz about how potatoes were used long ago in History. 4th class won.


Some girls were busy practising for the choir for 6th class confirmation.

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Week of the 12th April 2013

These are some of our class rules.

 1.I will stay in my seat.

 2.I will put up my hand to speak.

 3.I will respect others and on there property.

 4. I will show good listening.


And this is what we are learning

We made clocks to help us with our time.And we are learning to read the clock analogue and digital time.


And this is our sports J

We are learning how to play (Gaelic) with Edwina And that is our sports. J


In English we are learning about visualisation J we drew pictures and coloured them with chalk /oil pastels and wrote about Bens adventure under the Sea.











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Exploring Light

Today we explored the question:

What materials can light travel through?

Each group was given a light, a bunch of materials, and plates to sort the materials onto. On one plate we put materials that let light through, and on the other we put materials that do not let light through.

We learned some very long and tricky words:

Transparent material lets light through, and we are able to see the torch shining through the other side of transparent materials. Crepe paper, cling film, and thin kitchen roll are transparent.

Translucent material lets some light through but not all. There was a piece of card in our bunch of material. Some groups were unsure which plate to put it onto, as we could only see a tiny bit of light shining through the other side. We decided that this card was translucent!

Opaque material does not let light through at all. Tinfoil and cardboard are opaque, so are the plastic plates that we sorted out materials onto!

We are all Super Scientists in Junior Infants!

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The Fuzzy Ball Shop

We went shopping again today! We can earn fuzzy balls every day when we follow our classroom rules, and collect them in our tubs. We can also earn a glitter fuzzy (worth 5 normal fuzzies!) at the end of the week when we work together as a team in our table groups. We love to spend our fuzzies in the Fuzzy Ball Shop every two weeks. Everything in the shop is a different price, so we count out our fuzzies very carefully to buy pencils, stickers, rubbers, and lots of fun things. Sometimes we save them up and go on a big spending spree!


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We have been doing lots of writing practice every day. It is very important for us to form our letters correctly. We are working very hard at writing on the line and u s i n g  s p a c e s.

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Colour Mixing

We are real artists in Junior Infants! Today, we experimented with colour mixing using the primary colours: red, yellow, and blue. We discovered that:

red + yellow = orange

yellow + blue = green

blue + red = purple

We had great fun mixing the colours, and we made beautiful colour wheels. We cannot wait to discover how to make even more colours!

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Science Experiment

We did an experiment in Science to see how plants use water. We worked in small groups. We put food dye, water and a white flower into a cup. We are keeping a close eye on the flowers. The flowers are starting to turn green, red, blue, and yellow! This has taught us that flowers drink or suck up water through their stem. We think it’s like magic!


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Gandad Pat lived with his mam, dad, and all his brothers and sisters.  Grandad Pats favourite sport now is horse racing.  When he was younger he liked football, hurling, and running.


By Sadie

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Grandad Pats favourite subject was Irish and religion but he did not like maths.  Grandad Pat played Queenie IO, football and hurling and red run rover.  Grandad Pats teacher was strict.  Grandad Pat liked school.  Grandad Pats favourite book was Coral Reef.  Grandad Pats favourite movies were western movies because he liked cow boys and Indians.  Grandad Pat went on holidays in Brittas Bay.  He got spoiled there by his nanny.  Grandad Pat liked every colour.  Grandad Pat got his first bike when he was 11.  By Naoise

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My grandads mam and dads names were Esther and Kevin.  My grandad had one horse and some dogs.  My granddads favourite animal was a horse.  My grandad only went on a plane at old ages.  My grandads favourite dinner was bacon and cabbage.



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Uncle Paudie lived with his Mammy and Daddy his brothers and his sisters in the house over the road.  Uncle Paudie had 6 brothers and 5 sisters.  Now he has 5 brothers and 5 sisters.  Uncle Paudies family did not have a car.  Uncle Paudie did not have a telly until he was about 11 or 12 but it was black and white.  Uncle Paudies favourite treat was going to the zoo but he only got to go there about once a year.

The end

by Naoise

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