This new year we have started rugby. We learned how to catch the ball.You cup your arms in the shape of a bowl and your elbows elbow to elbow.  We also played different games to help us get used to the rugby ball. It's brilliant!

As we have moved into  midJanuary the snow has started to fall . The roads are icy and slippery but that doesn't bother us though .

We have started our Wite-a-Book. there are all different types of ways to write your write-a-book. Some girls are writing their's by hand. Some others are typing their's . Some girls are are writing a biography of Katie Taylor. Other are writing fiction stories.

We are also preparing for Signs of spring in February. The signs include frogspawn, ash buds ,primroses, horse chestnut leaves and   swallows. We are also going to measure the rainfall and wind speed.