Hi, sixth class here. We made our confirmation yesterday and had a ball. We were confirmed by Mgr. Lloyd. He was really kind. Some of the girls had jobs to do e.g carrying up the banner, bringing up the gifts and reading. After the mass, pictures were taken outside the church with family and friends. After all the pictures had been taken some went out to dinner while others went home for a party. We recieved lots of cards and cant wait to count our MONEY!!! After we had our dinner and opened our cards we headed to the confirmation disco. We had a great time. Today we came into school in our dresses and went around to the other classes to tell them about our day and where we got our dresses. We'd like to thanks Ms. Cahill, our teacher, for helping us prepare for our special day. She said she was very proud of us. Overall, all of the boys and girls had a great time.