On Wednesday it was cow day (cycle on Wednesday) When we arrived at the GAA pitch at 9.00 we saw lots and lots of guards.We also saw a rich variety of different aged children from Juniors to sixth class all cycling their bikes.When we started to move Miss Kelly arrived with her camera. It was more like a photo shoot than a school C.O.W day! Our faces were sore from smiling the whole time.The squad car led the way and we followed happily. Garda O'Sullivan cycled along side us .He also stopped all traffic at a dangerous junction and we cycled through like celebrities.Another guard did point duty near the school .She also put up signs "Garda Check Point" and "Caution".

When we finally arrived at the school we parked our bikes against the school garden wall  and chatted in the sunshine. I never saw so many bikes in my life! Unfortunately all good things come to an end. THE BELL RANG!!! AND WE HAD TO GO INTO SCHOOL!!!