Yesterday we went to the Irish National Sailing School (INSS) in Dun Laoighaire for our school tour. We had to change into wetsuits and life jackets. We then dragged our  boats  to the slipway,rigged them and split up into groups. There were 3-4 people in each boat. Some girls had to steer the boat and others had to keep the sail under control. After sailing around for a while we attached all our boats together along with the speed boat and went around the pier to see the seals who were swimming around happily. Some of our boats toppled over and the girls had to scramble on to  their friend's boats. When we got out of the water we played a game with the paddles. Finaly we dried off , got dressed and headed to the peoples park where we ate our lunch and played in the playground. We had a great day and most of the girls said it was the best school tour ever.