Hi, 5th and 6th here. Today the smoothie man named Ben who is from France, visited 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. First he spoke about different types of energy sources such as electricity and fossil fuel. We also learned carpets and plastic are made from oil. Some of the girls had a chance to ride his exercise bike which made a non energy saving light bulb and an energy saving bulb light up. We transformed physicle energy of our bodies into electrical energy . The girls learned that the non energy saving bulb was harder to light up than the energy saving bulb.Did you know that a non energy saving light bulb wastes 4 times as much energy as an energy saving light bulb?. We then made Ben his lunch by attatching the blender to the generator on the bike. He had lovely grated carrots. We also made him coffee. Ben demonstrated some solar powered radios and torches. He threw us a little "party" in the classroom too!! Afterwards, we made smoothies. By mixing orange juice, two bananas, four strawberries and natural organic yogurt, we blended the ingredients by cycling. They tasted great!!! We took lots of pictures (see on 5th and 6th class page).