Welcome to the 5th and 6th Class!

Our Teacher is Ms. Cahill

Every morning we read our library books during D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read!) time.  We also read in groups during our weekly Power Hour, which we absolutely love!  Thanks to all the parents and other teachers who come in to our classroom to read with us during this time.

Reading Strategies: There are certain things that good readers do when they are reading to help them understand the text better.  For example, good readers;

  • make predictions
  • visualise
  • make connections, and
  • ask questions

when they read.  We have learned how to use these strategies and have spent lots of time practising them while we read.

Is maith linn Gaeilge.  Labhraimid Gaeilge gach lá ar scoil le chéile, leis an múinteoir, agus le Ms. Costelloe.

We love maths in 5th and 6th class.  Every morning we do Mental Maths, and afterwards we study a maths topic.

We really enjoy History, Geography, and Science in our class.

Click here to see a PowerPoint we made on Space and Gravity.

Click here to see a PowerPoint we made on a number of different countries around the world.

Music and SPHE
Recently we were given African drumming lessons by a great musician called Eddie. All the other classes in the school got to try the drums too but we were the main focus! We practised and practised for a full week and then put on a performance for the rest of the school and our parents.As well as becoming skilled drummers we also learned about Alcohol Awareness and did a rap with a very important message. See what you think of it:

No drinking alcohol, it's bad for you.
It destroys your liver and your other health too.
It's the monster and you're the victim.
Drink too much and it becomes an addiction.
Make the pledge on Confirmation Day, and stick with it, OK!

Click on the video image below to watch a video of our performance.  We hope you enjoy it!