Exploring Light

Today we explored the question:

What materials can light travel through?

Each group was given a light, a bunch of materials, and plates to sort the materials onto. On one plate we put materials that let light through, and on the other we put materials that do not let light through.

We learned some very long and tricky words:

Transparent material lets light through, and we are able to see the torch shining through the other side of transparent materials. Crepe paper, cling film, and thin kitchen roll are transparent.

Translucent material lets some light through but not all. There was a piece of card in our bunch of material. Some groups were unsure which plate to put it onto, as we could only see a tiny bit of light shining through the other side. We decided that this card was translucent!

Opaque material does not let light through at all. Tinfoil and cardboard are opaque, so are the plastic plates that we sorted out materials onto!

We are all Super Scientists in Junior Infants!