Junior & Senior Infants Class Page

Welcome to Junior and Senior Infants!

Our teacher is Ms. O' Shea.

We really LOVE Play! We have lots of different areas, and we change around each day. These are all of our different play areas: the writing area, maths area, dress-up, building, sand play, water play, team games, music play, small world and creative!

The Fuzzy Ball Shop
We can earn fuzzy balls every day when we follow our classroom rules, and collect them in our tubs. We can also earn a glitter fuzzy (worth 5 normal fuzzies!) at the end of the week when we work together as a team in our table groups. We love to spend our fuzzies in the Fuzzy Ball Shop every two weeks. Everything in the shop is a different price, so we count out our fuzzies very carefully to buy pencils, stickers, rubbers, and lots of fun things. Sometimes we save them up and go on a big spending spree!

We are super writers in Junior Infants because we have been working so hard at it. We write in our writing copies every morning, making sure that we write on the line and u s e s p a c e s. We also practice writing out word lists to hang on our washing line. We are still busy working on our sounds to make sure that we know them REALLY well. We love singing our Jolly songs and doing the actions. We are very good and blending our sounds together to make words. We have been reading lots of fun books like Elmer by David McKee, You’re All my Favourites by Sam McBratney, and The Princess and the Dragon by Audrey Wood. When we read our books we use all of our different comprehension strategies: prediction, visualisation, making connections, and questioning.

Is breá linn Gaeilge! Tá a fhios againn go leor cluichí agus amhráin. Is aoibhinn linn Rocaí Rua. Beimid ag caint as Gaeilge le Rocaí Rua gach lá mar ní thuigeann sé aon focal Béarla!

We have been doing lots of work on number! We have number rhymes that help us to write our numbers:

0 = Round and round and round we go, when we get home we have a zero

1 = Straight line down, then we’re done, that’s the way to make a 1

2 = Half a heart says “I love you”, add a line for the number 2

3 = Around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way to make a 3

4 = Down and over, down once more, that’s the way to make a 4

5 = Go down and around, then you stop, finish the 5 with a hat on top

We have been learning about water safety, because some of us will be starting swimming lessons soon! We can’t wait! Our Team Rocket comes in handy when we need to work with others. These are strategies we can use to help our learning to blast off! 1. Listen to each other, 2. Keep on task, 3. Give everyone a turn, 4. Be patient and helpful.

Physical Education
We think Irish Dancing with Joanne is so much fun. We get better every week. Recently we have been using the parachute. It helps us to work together. We can make waves, make a mushroom, swap places, pass the parachute along, and even keep 2 balls inside the parachute. We have also been doing some Outdoor and Adventure activities. We can fill in control cards like real orienteerers, and do outdoor challenges like frogger and make hula huts. We love to practice our Cha Cha Slide dance. It is very fast but we are very good at it!

Every day teacher lights a candle and we say a prayer. We love to listen to different stories. We are very good at meditating.

We love History, Geography and Science! Recently we planted seeds and watched them grow. We looked after them very carefully. This is what plants need to grow: water, soil, space, light, and air. We photographed the growing process, check out our photos!

We are working on a Drama on Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the moment.

Rebecca teaches us the violin every week. We are getting very very good! We know how to hold our violin safely and we can pluck the open strings. We also sing songs like Dr. Suzuki and Twinkle Twinkle. We love to listen to music, and learn and sing songs. Playing instruments is so much fun and we have so many in the classroom to explore. We are learning how to clap out rhythms of single beats and half beats. We use pictures to help us. Pig = 1 single beat and pig-let = 2 half beats.

We are real artists in Junior Infants! Recently we worked together on a big team art project to create ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ that hangs outside our classroom. We created 3D Styrofoam Art by sticking little pieces of crepe paper into the Styrofoam to make a picture. After reading Elmer by David McKee we decided to make an Elephant Parade by painting and pastelling our very own unique elephants! We made Spin Art by putting a skewer through a page, dropping paint onto it, and then spinning it inside a box to make the paint fly outwards. It looks so cool! We made Colour Wheels which are a great resource because now we know how to mix our own colours. Check out our photos to see our beautiful artworks.

We work hard at home as well as in school! Every day we do some writing and colouring homework, we take a book home, practice our sounds and our word boxes, and practice our ladybird numbers. Thank you everyone for helping us to learn!