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We're the 3rd and 4th Class and we're power! Follow what we're learning about in our very own blog! Very cool!

We wrote about a special time in our life in religion. We drew a picture of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and that was for art.


We ate are lunch outside in the lovely sun.


We also heard a story about Gráinne Mhaol. She was a pirate.


And we wrote a story about her we started off by saying Dear diary and pretended we were her for a day in her life. And then we wrote it on the laptop again.


Next week we will make her pirate ship and a model of her from clay .


Write a book Winners = Natasha + kacey and highly commend =Bella Kiva and Ellie.. and out of 4th class Hannah Keita and Hollie. A big well done to all of third and fourth class for the lovely books that they made!


Stacie and Natasha were busy writing the last 4 blogs they have done a great job and are fast typers!!!

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We all looked at cook books and we picked out our favourite recipe. We wrote it out in our best writing on a sheet because we are making it into a cook book and that is our creative writing.

We played fun bingo and loop games for division and that is our maths.

We played (gaeilic) with Edwina again this week and had great fun!


Miss o Kelly brought in a laptop and put it at the back of our class we love to play spelling games on it.

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We learned how to make scrambled egg and then we made it in class and ate it when it was done. We also had toast. We learned how to make tea and that was fun.


We wrote how to make it first on a sheet then on the laptop.

We had fun having a quiz about how potatoes were used long ago in History. 4th class won.


Some girls were busy practising for the choir for 6th class confirmation.

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Week of the 12th April 2013

These are some of our class rules.

 1.I will stay in my seat.

 2.I will put up my hand to speak.

 3.I will respect others and on there property.

 4. I will show good listening.


And this is what we are learning

We made clocks to help us with our time.And we are learning to read the clock analogue and digital time.


And this is our sports J

We are learning how to play (Gaelic) with Edwina And that is our sports. J


In English we are learning about visualisation J we drew pictures and coloured them with chalk /oil pastels and wrote about Bens adventure under the Sea.











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Hi, St.Josephes G.N.S here on the 7th of June. We went on our school tour yesterday. We went to U.C.D Activity Centre. 1st and 2nd Class also came with us.The activities there were rock-climbing, dancing, trampolining and basket-ball. The most populur activity was trampolining but we enjoyed all of them. It was a load of fun. The rock climbing was amazing especially when we glided down the rope.

Today, 7-6-12, the Olympic Torch is visiting our school. We are so excited and can't wait to see it.

Thank you for reading our blog..... until next time......

By Chantelle and Keita

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Hello! It has been a few weeks since our last blog and we have lots to catch up on. We are going to try and do lots of blogging from today to the end of the year.

We have been learning about the egyptians and Tutankhamun who lived in the past.

We also learned that eggs float in salt water and don't float in fresh water. Salt water is heavier and denser than fresh water.

We are going to U.C.D activity center on our school tour.

We got new white boards for everyone in the class . We use them for fractions and for telling the time.

We are doing this new thing called Circle Time. We talk about sorting out problems. Its working

We made badges saying our favourite things and our least favourite things. We also made a poster saying S.A.L.T that means Stop .Ask.Listen.Talk.

Check out our new blog . :)

Toni (4th) natasha (3rd)

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Hello, and welcome to Third and Fourth Class' proper blog! This is our sixth attempt to get our blog up and running. It keeps on disappearing so hopefully it won't disappear this time. Fingers crossed.

We are learning new things every day. Last week in Science, we made string telephones. We used string, two plastic cups, two paper clips and a sharp pencil (ask an adult to poke a hole through the cup). We figured out that if you pull the string tautly (tightly), you can hear eachother clearly.

A few weeks ago we sang at John and Niamhs wedding.Their daughter Eva is in our class (Fourth). Not only John and Niamh had a good time, but we all did. Afterwards, people came up and said that we were fantastic!

We'll be back soon

Third and Fourth

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Hi and welcome to our blog!

 This is our fourth attempt to get our blog up and running and hopefully it will succeed, so fingers crossed. Here goes......

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We did art today.  We all painted a picture illustrating the water cycle.  We did this because in February our school is having an Action Day for Green School and we are going to tell everyone all about the water cycle.  You will be able to see our picture son display in our classroom.  In maths we are learning how to divide, it's not as bad as we thought it would be!  Clare Benediction is the name of our new song that we are learning for the National Children's Choir.  We also did Alive-O today.  This is our first time blogging :-) x


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We started our Write-A-Book this week.  On Monday, we brainstormed lots of ideas and we came up with loads!  Today we picked our favourite topic and we signed our contract.  The contract includes the plan of our book and it is going to help us along the way.  Everybody's books are going to be really different and  we're really excited about it because it is lots of fun.  We have swimming again on Friday and we can't wait because we missed it after all that snow.  We are going home early today as we have a half day and the teachers have a staff meeting.  WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT 2011 :o)


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Welcome to the third and fourth class blog.  Through this we can inform you about waht we get up to each day in school.

Unfortunately due to the snow, we will not be in school tomorrow (Wednesdsay).  So hopefully everybody will keep up with the reading of their library books afer you have had some fun in the snow.  After all, it is as important to exercise your brain as well as your body!

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