Green Schools

Green flag

The Green School's programme is run by An Taisce and it strongly promotes environmental awareness and care.  We think it is a brilliant initiative because it encourages a respect for the world around us, and all living things from the tiniest insect to the tallest tree.

Taking part in the programme has made us realise that each person has a responsibility to care for the environment, and that we can all make a difference.  Something as simple as one person picking up a wrapper from the ground and putting it in the bin makes our world a better place.  We encourage children, teachers, and parents to all get stuck in and do their bit for the environment.  And we guarantee lots of fun along the way!

We succeeded in raising our First Green Flag in February 2007. This First Green Flag was awarded to us for all our hard work in the area of Litter and Waste.  You can some photographs of the environmental work we did in 2007 on the left.  Since then we have also been awarded our Second and Third Green Flags for Energy and Water respectively. 

This year we are in our second year of work towards achieving our Fourth Green Flag for Travel.

To learn more about the Green School's Programme, click the link to visit the website.