Our Second Green Flag: Energy

In order to get this flag our school had to reduce the amount of energy we used both at home and in our school.

In May the Green School committee went around to all the classes to keep them informed of our progress. We are had a competition to create our Green School Logo. We are also had a LOW ENERGY DAY in June. The Green School committee hung posters around the school that reminded people to conserve energy - you can see them below: close the door, turn off the light, turn off the interactive whiteboard etc.

Here are the 7 steps that our school followed to achieve our second green flag:

Step 1: Green School Committee
A new green school committee was set up. Pupils that wanted to be on the committee prepared a speech on why they should be chosen to be on the committee. They gave their speech to their fellow class mates who voted for the girl they thought would work best on the committee. The committee was made up of: Pupils: Eve (2nd Class), Clara (3rd Class), Megan (4th Class), Chelsee (5th Class), Clodagh and Lauren (both 6th Class) Teacher: Ms. Vicki Russell Parent: Ms. Christine Franey

Step 2: Environmental Review - Energy Review
Before we can take any action on reducing the amount of energy we use in our school and homes we have to create a checklist of all aspects of our school's impact on the environment, in this case looking at energy. This checklist will lead us into the step 3.

Step 3: Action Plan
In completing our review on energy we will be able to see where we are wasting energy in our homes and in our school. We will form our Action Plan based on the results of our energy audit and achieve our aim to stop wasting this energy and reduce overall the amount of energy that we use.

Step 4: Monitoring and Evaluating
It will be important to monitor and evaluate the work we are doing to reduce energy so that we can ensure we are achieving our targets as set out in our Action Plan.

Step 5: Curriculum Work
All pupils will learn about how we use energy in our lives as well as the importance of reducing the amount of energy we use.

Step 6: Informing and Involving
All members of the school community will be kept informed of what is going on and be encouraged to contribute to the process. People will be made aware of our actions in the following ways:

  • Green Schools notice board
  • Monthly school newsletters
  • Our school website
  • Local Newspaper (school notes section)
  • Our Day of Action (to be confirmed)

Step 7: Green Code
It will be necessary for our school to have a Green Code on reducing energy so that we can remember at all times what we must do. Pupils in our school will be encouraged to create a poster with an appropriate Green Code, which will be displayed to remind pupils, staff and visitors of our mission to help the environment.

These are the steps that we followed and in turn we were awarded our second green flag in February!
Well done everybody!!