4th Green Flag

Our first 'Traffic Free Tuesday' - 28th February 2012.

Our Fourth Green Flag: Travel

Breaking News:  We have been awarded our Fourth Green Flag!!!!

The theme for the 4th Green Flag is Travel and we have all been working really hard towards achieving it over the past two years.  A special thank you to the Senior Infants and 1st class teacher Ms. O' Shea, the parents, and the following girls who served on our Green School's Committee.  Clearly, they have done a fantastic job!  Well done;

  • Esther
  • Ellie
  • Natasha
  • Eva
  • Eve
  • Clara
Since our school began its journey towards the fourth green flag lots of work has been done to raise awareness of changing our ways when it comes to travel, for the good of the world and our own health.  For example we have;
  • done travel surveys to find out how children get to and from school - how many walk, drive, get the bus, flick, cycle etc.
  • recorded the results of our travel surveys on graphs
  • designed posters and slogans to encourage people to travel to school in the healthiest way possible, e.g., walk to school, it's really cool
  • had a visit from a guard to talk to us about road safety
  • been given some high visibility clothing so that we can walk safely
  • had Walk To School days
We celebrated Bike Week 2012 (June 16th - 24th) in style!  Ben visited the senior classes in our school with his smoothie bike!  Ben's smoothie bike generates power for different devices, e.g., lightbulbs, food processors, iPods.  Some of the girls had a chance to ride the bike.  They made a non-energy saving light bulb and an energy saving bulb light up, and discovered (through a lot of pedalling!) that the non-energy saving bulb required far more energy to run!  The girls were so grateful to Ben for all he taught them that they made his lunch by attaching a blender to the generator on the bike and using pedal power to make smoothies! Click here to read more about bike week and the cycling events going on in Co. Wicklow.  We can't wait for this year's Bike Week!

This year every Wednesday is a WoW (Walk on Wednesday) day in our school.  Everyone meets at the GAA pitch at 8.50am and walks down the hill to school. Thank you to all the parents who join us on these walks and also to the guards who sometimes accompany us and ensure we are all safe crossing the roads.  We take lots of photos and have tonnes of fun, so if you haven't taken part yet, be sure to come along next Wednesday!