5th Green Flag

Enjoying our weekly 'Plants And Animals' Science lessons!

Our Fifth Green Flag: Biodiversity

Last year we began working towards achieving our 5th Green Flag: Biodiversity! Click here to read more about it on the 'Green Schools Ireland' website.  This year we continued working hard and GREAT NEWS...


We are super proud of ourselves because we did tonnes of work to achieve this flag. Our Infants teacher Ms. O' Shea who runs the Green Schools campaign in our school began by assembling a new Green School's Committee. Congratulations to the girls who won a place on the committee through their amazing enthusiasm and interest in Biodiversity.

We also set up a Green School's sub committee to ensure the good work we did to earn our previous four green flags in the areas of; Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, and Travel continued. And the sub committee are indeed doing a great job.

In terms of Biodiversity every girl from Junior Infants to Sixth Class has learned a lot about plants and animals in our local environment. Last year they all enjoyed weekly Science lessons in the outdoors given by an excellent science teacher who came to our school every Tuesday. They did exciting things such as drawing and labelling pictures of plants and animals, finding plants and animals, and learning about equipment used by scientists in the outdoors such as pooters.

Last year we also had a clean-up day in our school. Older girls were partnered with younger girls and we cleaned up our school environment. We made sure we sorted everything we found properly into bags for General Waste, Cans, and Recyclables such as paper and plastic.

Girls in Junior and Senior Infants and 5th and 6th class were very lucky to be brought on a foraging expedition to Tinakilly. A parent in our school who knows a huge amount about what plants we can and cannot eat and is also a chef led the expedition. A big thank you to him for a great day out. The children had loads of fun and came back to school full of knowledge about plants such as wild garlic, and with lots of samples to be pressed.

This year we have done buckets more work...we have grown plants, made plant pots out of old tyres, made bird feeders, bug motels and signposts to encourage people to mind their world by putting their litter in the bin for example.