Healthy Eating

A student shows of her healthy lunch!

Healthy Eating Policy

In St. Joseph's GNS we employ a healthy eating policy. Pupils are encouraged to eat healthy foods such as sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese and yogurts. Chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks and crisps are not allowed. Pupils are taught about the importance of healthy eating in SPHE. In 2011 we took part in a healthy eating programme in our school called Food Dudes. Click here to read more about this.

Ideas for a healthy school lunch

  • Drinks: Water, milk, diluted drinks and fruit juices, yoghurts and yoghurt drinks.
  • Bread & alternatives: Bread, rolls, scones, crackers, pitta breads, bagels, wraps, bread sticks, rice cakes and pancakes.
  • Savouries: Lean meat, turkey/chicken, tinned fish, cheese, popcorn, pasta, rice and salad
  • Fruit & vegetables: All types of fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetable sticks

For further Healthy Lunch ideas, click on the following links: