Food Dudes!

Phase 1 of Food Dudes; Senior Infants and 1st Class enjoying their bananas and sweet peppers!

Food Dudes!

In 2011 we took part in a healthy eating programme called Food Dudes.  It was a huge success. All the children enjoyed learning about the importance of eating foods which are good for our minds and bodies and had lots of fun tasting and eating different types of fruit and vegetables. They also enjoyed the wonderful food dude DVDs, letters, and prizes!

Congratulations again to all the girls who completed the programme, and also to the parents who were a great help in encouraging their children to eat the different fruits and vegetables and helping them to fill out the food diaries at home.

We continue to have a healthy eating policy in our school and would love to sustain the great lunch time habits formed last year with the help of the Food Dudes programme.  It is so important to eat healthy foods, exercise, and drink lots of water and we would encourage all the children to continue doing all of these things.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that our taste buds are always changing?  So for example, even if you think you don't like a particular food, if you taste it enough times, you might grow to like it! Another example of this is how sometimes we don't like the taste of something when we're younger but then as we grow older we begin to like it because our taste buds change.  Can you think of anything you didn't like maybe a few years ago that you like now?

The Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme is managed by Bord Bia.  Click here to visit the Food Dudes Website.

Click here to view our school's Healthy Eating Policy.