ICT in Our School

ICT is a huge part of our school. We have a wide range of ICT resources. These have enabled us to create a very interactive classroom environment for all our pupils. 

We have an impressive total of 6 Interactive Whiteboards, one in every classroom, including the Learning Support room. These provide teachers and pupils with access to an endless amount of resources and activities in all areas of the curriculum.

Each classroom is also equipped with a visualiser and portable keyboard and mouse

We have over 20 laptops which pupils use regularly in their classroom for activities such as writing and project work.

We are very lucky in our school to have two IBM Kidsmart computers. These computers are in the Junior and Senior Infant classrooms. They have proved excellent both for developing younger children’s computer skills and for reinforcing what they are learning in school.

The Kidsmart computers are big, bright, and colourful, and very child friendly, with large keyboard keys for example.  They come with a range of software based on the curriculum.

We also have access to the internet. Pupils are encouraged to use the internet safely. They have access to a certain number of sites where they can take part in games and activities in subject areas such as Maths and English. 

Pupils are also encouraged to get involved in our school website. Each class has their own blog which will enable the children to keep friends and family updated on what they have been doing in school.