Past Pupils

Here you can read what some of our past pupils have to say about their time at St. Joseph's G.N.S. They also share with us what they went on to do after leaving our school.

Dorcas Corcoran

St. Josephs G.NS (1994-2002), Dominican College Wicklow (2002-2008), University of Bedfordshire (2008-2012)

6th Year Prefect in 2008
Swam the River Liffey and Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Swim Ireland Open sea swim
Placed 3 years in a row in the River Lee open race
October 2008: Swam the Tiburon Mile in San Francisco for Team Ireland
Throughout my time in University I swam for the University Swim Team
2011: Ran the Dublin City Marathon

My best memories of my time in St. Josephs is always sports related, either PE lessons with Mrs. Reburn, basketball with Mrs. Fox or having county players come in and teach us GAA. From an early age I was very sporty and my favourite day and fondest memories are the Sports Days I had while in school. This is where I excelled.

Having completed my University Course in Sports and Physical Education, I am now qualified as an Assistant Physical Education Teacher or PE Technician.  I have decided to take a year out and then return to complete a one year teaching course and qualify to become a Primary School Teacher and to specialise in Physical Education, as this was my favourite activity in school.  I remember how happy I was to be outside and active and I want to pass this down to future generations.


Tara Jameson O' Neill

St. Josephs G.N.S (1982-1990), Dominican Convent Wicklow Town (1990-1995), University of Limerick (1995-1999)

2001 - Joined Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland
2002 - Joined Institute of Taxation of Ireland
Current Role: Finance Director of The Jamie Oliver Group

Hear What Tara Has To Say About Her Time At St. Joseph's...
While I am certain the school today is quite different to when I attended, I also have no doubt many things remain unchanged. I’m sure the pupils still all run at top speed around the school building, play willy four corners, the farmer wants a wife, and red rover, and in the summer roll down the bank on the front lawn. If not, they don’t know what they are missing! I’m also sure that Ms. Cahill’s roar when provoked is as deafening and terrifying as it always was even with the passing of the years! I loved my time at the school. At St Joseph's I grew to love learning new things and my time spent at the school formed the cornerstone of my education. I went on to secondary school and then to university before taking professional qualifications in chartered accountancy and chartered taxation. Aside from the excellent academic grounding that I gained while at St. Joseph's, the school also served to reinforce the morals and values instilled in the first instance by my parents. There was always a strong religious thread to our learning and an emphasis on treating classmates, friends and everybody else with kindness, courtesy and respect. These qualities in equal (if not greater) measure to the academic grounding have best served me throughout life and contributed to a very happy and satisfying professional and personal life. A big thank you! Tara x