This year's Merit Book Award winners in 1st and 2nd class


Every year the children in our school from Junior Infants to Sixth Class take part in the Write-A-Book competition.  The girls in our school simply love getting involved in this activity as it means they get to write their very own book!

As any author knows, writing a good book takes a long time.  So the children spend weeks working on their books in school and at home.  They start at the planning stage, write first drafts, and often second and third drafts, and edit their work with the help of their teacher and parents. Then, when they feel they are ready, they write and illustrate their final draft and the finished books are sent off to be judged.

One book in each class is chosen as the Book Of Merit, and three other books are chosen as Highly Commended.  Also, everyone receives a certificate for taking part in the competition.  The winners of the Write-A-Book competition each year are invited to a special awards ceremony where they are presented with their medal, and get to meet and listen to some advice from an Irish author.  It is a huge honour!

Congratulations to all the girls who took part in the Write-A-Book competition this year.  The girls who received the Book of Merit awards can be seen in the photographs on the left.

Click here to visit the Write-A-Book website.